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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Voice of a Thousand Storytellers __ Naseer Afridi!, The Frontier Post

The Voice of a Thousand Storytellers__

Naseer Afridi!

By S. Hamza Asad

When I first contacted Naseer Afridi, he asked me if writing is something I like. I replied, “I want to get into a medical college, but I’m also into poetry and prose and I plan to write a novel by the name ‘The Student Diaries’ and I have great passion towards learning how to play guitar and piano too. I don’t know where this is going”. And this is what he replied to me in return, “That’s some nice story right there. Well, I wanted to be an engineer, never got admission, tried twice for army as I was a huge fan, rejected, went on with music and direction and acting, you never know where life takes you. Everything’s easy; music, writing etc, if you really have a heart to do. I learned a lot from my experiences. Just never let go of your dream. In time, everyone gets his chance of doing something big; your Attitude makes the difference” His part of the story quite very much resembled the path I’m going through and I don’t know how many others are like him and I who share the same story. So that’s why I called Naseer Afridi the voice of a thousand storytellers!

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