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Friday, June 3, 2011

Veronica decides to die again! - The Voice of Youth!

Veronica decides to die again!

By Hamza Coelho

This is Hamza Asad who’s on hiatus from Facebook
With a ponytail, pins in hair and a new artistic look!
Three point five by ten raise to the power
Seven seconds ago…
I realized, Its not a team work, It’s a one man show =C
Of a damn status-conscious, below average mediocre
Who believes in the fact that he’ll die or he’ll conquer!
So lately I’ve been thinking I’m fully on the line
I often listen to Bryan Adam’s summer of ’69I wasn’t even a sperm during the best days of his life =/
Hey check this out, this one’s for all the honey coated knives
People are so cunning and a lot more wittierWhen I look at some pretty girl, I wanna look prettier. C=
That evening I was walking with my two year old dalmatian
Yeah seriously, believe me, I just had no fascination
When a beautiful lady stopped her car near me
So she could talk..
She asked for a picture.
Wait! That was a high voltage shock!
I was like “Bonwitaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy
said the boogie step up jump the Boogie!” =D
O My God, I felt like she was Jersey Shore’s Snooki! *Wooh!* =P
The moment next to it went like a bulb of zero wattNot me, she asked for a picture with my cute little dog. =/
Ok I’m the clown, everybody, go ahead.. laugh at me
I want to be a revolutionary… ,m/
This one’s not from a crow’s beak
I’ll impress the world like The Undertaker’s undefeated streak

One day with an impression, I’ll be back when I succeed!

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Anonymous said...

:D...oooops...better luck next time...n yea your recent hair-do may make someone ask for a photo...yours i'm talking about...:)

Hamza Asad! said...

Thanks Anonymous.. Where did u see my recent hair? :0 I had this crazy long hair some months ago.. that was weird :/ Let me just put it here..

Anonymous said...

You try too hard. You seriously try too hard.

Hamza Asad! said...

Umm, thanks?