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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yasir, Jawad and Wali - The Three Musketeers - The Frontier Post

The Dudes From Uth Records..

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Yasir, Jawad and Wali -

The Three Musketeers...

By S. Hamza Asad

Living world of today is quite large in size and is flourishing almost all over the planet. There are approximately two million species of living organisms. Speaking of homo-sapians, they show great diversity of physical features, dress, language, wealth, family, religious beliefs, lifestyle, education, interest, skills, age and on and on. However, of all the phyletic lineage, I intend to share an unconventional story of Yasir, Jawad and Wali, who used to practice folk-music as immature learners for the longest time in their lives, making their way to a great melting pot of Pashtoon Culture, Folk-Rock Music and Modern-Day-Trends. These three individuals had 'luck' that appeared to indicate their common ancestry.

Yasir and Jawad first started practicing Guitar-Rabab fusion music in 2008 and would upload some of their instrumental music on You-tube. Their quality of work kept improving throughout these years little by little. Tapping their talent, they under-went a 180 degree change in them ever-since Wali joined them in 2010, transforming their band from duo to trio. This led to a frustration regarding their band name, 'Yasir and Jawad' because a large number of fans were of the opinion that Wali has been side-lined. But here is the thing, the reason I refered to this trio as the three musketeers is the fact that their motto is all-for-one and one-for-all.

Yasir Khan

When Prophet David would sing God's praises, the birds and mountains would join him. This has been referred to in several Surahs of The Holy Qur'an. Born in Peshawar in 1988, Yasir khan is a self-learned rabab and guitar player, albeit his speciality is Rabab. God created this young talent with a spark of Davidic touch in his melodies. Khan has done his matric from Frontier Model School in 2004. Soon after completing his FSC from Islamiya College Peshawar in 2006, he went to Government College University Lahore where he did his graduation in economics in the year 2010. Initially he began practicing traditional Pushto Folk-Music on his Rabab. But soon, khan got into his phalanges the essential structure of modern contemporary music that helped him polish his talent after seven long years.

Jawad Iqbal

If you have a can-do attitude, and you're creative and persistent, its amazing what you can accomplish. This 23-years-old newly emerged music talent is a prime example of this statement. Jawad Iqbal, who was the first among two of his friends to have come up with an idea of forming a music band, received his early education from Mardan, his village, where he studied at ABS Army College until 2006, when he went to GCU Lahore. There he obatined a degree in Bio-technology, graduating in 2010. Currently, he is a student of Microbiology at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. Iqbal is very much into rock and country music. He is a self-learned acoustic guitar rhythm player as well as a backing-vocalist and song-writer.

Wali Aurakzai

There is no water, there is no sui-gas and there is no mentioning-his-name in the band. However, when the noose of light falls on the Sultan's turret, a sensation is felt. Experience that Sufianic Sensation in the miraculous voice rising from the larynx of the newest member among the Musketeers, Wali Aurakzai who joined the band in 2010. Born in 1991, Wali who belongs to aurakzai agency, did his FSC from Islamiya College Peshawar in 2009 and in the same year went to GCU Lahore, joining the two batch-mates, Yasir and Jawad as their Junior. Wali is a happy-go-lucky guy who is at an extreme periphery to what Yasir and Jawad do. Yet he happens to be the lead vocalist of the band. Wali left GCU lahore in the 3rd semister of BA Hons after he got selected in Pakistan Army and hardly a week ago, was promoted to second lieutenant.

Recently, the trio got their first 'Break' when they were selected by 'Uth Records', a youth-based music reality show launched by U-fone that provides talented young musicians a professional music platform, where they got a chance to sing with professional musicians like Gumby, Zeeshan, Shahrukh, Bilal, Omran and Agha, representing Pushto Folk-Music with a moden-contemporary feel to it with their latest song, Reidi Gul. Also, the director of the show, Zeeshan Pervez has offered some more projects to Yasir, Jawad and Wali and is looking forward to work with them on two more exhilarating numbers. Being my personal favourites, I believe this band is a symbol of self-expression. Just like the saying goes about two friends, one says 'Look, I can stack twenty cans on top of each other' and the other says 'Man! I wish I had a talent'.


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