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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rahim Khan - The Rising Cynosure of KPK - The Frontier Post

Rahim Khan -

The Rising Cynosure of KPK

By S. Hamza Asad

I strongly believe in the fact that all talents blossom at different times in life. But due to lack of awareness, one might be a late bloomer. Witness the resurrection of a gem that lustered in two decades; whose vision towards poetry and prose is scintillating, whose passion towards composing music and singing is awe-inspiring. A cynosure who embarked on a journey of distinction and proved that he has what it takes to be a man of all seasons, Rahim khan; who acted in various capacities and transcended the region of sky - his limit, just to ensure that an eagle cutting through the air-waves has no contemporary, whatsoever, to supersede his abilities.

Born in 1985, Khan who belongs to Charsada, received his early education in Peshawar. He has done his matric from PAF Degree college and FSC from Army Public College. Currently, he is a practicing lawyer by profession and has obtained his L.L.B degree from Law College, University of Peshawar. Albeit in recent times there has been a plenitude of underground musicians to have come out to a huge pop but their spirits are all akin to an object that's

over exposed to Gama rays. In other words, Khan is one of the most quintessential solo artists to have flourished in recent times. His talent is not confined to music only, he is also into painting, story writing and professional photography. In addition to his above mentioned attributes, khan is also the social editor of a Lahore-based lifestyle magazine called 'INK' where he is consistently interviewing local and international celebrities. Also, he has lately penned a script for a television serial about a multiple sclerosis patient.

Speaking of his music career, Khan was only six when he made his television debut on Pakistan Television Network in 1992, singing a hymn in a programme called 'Sthoori'. It was then when Ustaad Wilson was acknowledging his abilities and polishing his vocals by giving him formal training in music at a very tender age. The efforts of his master led to another accomplishment of little khan when he was approached to perform at a music show organized by Frontier Anti-Narcotics Force at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar. He participated in a number of music events at school and college level and was encouraged by students and teachers alike.

After burning the mid-night oil for more than half a decade, the new and improved Rahim khan emerged with a hype first with his single 'khumaar'; a collaboration with a music band in late '05 and later by composing, singing and recording his first ever solo project called 'Lambay' in December '06 which was not just released locally and aired on radio 91 FM but was also aired from Washington D.C by Voice of America, (Deewa Radio-Pushto Service). The song was a chart-buster and a tremendous hit that remained at number one position for two months in the late '07 as voted by Khan's fans in the US. In October '08 khan did television recordings for a newly launched music channel from Peshawar named 'K2'.

A year later, he embellished the beauty of vintage winsome charm by releasing his second lip-catching solo, 'Khudaaya' and yet again, it topped the music charts on Voice of America radio station. This whetted the appetite of khan's American fans to know next to more of his music. Not just that, the same song 'Khudaya' has recently been included by the very famous Pakistani director Mehreen Jabbar, who needs no introduction, in her play 'Daam' as a theme-song which was aired on ARY DIGITAL in summer '10. A break given by Mrs. Jabbar has so far proved to be the biggest feather in the cap of Rahim Khan.

Khan is greatly influenced by Junaid Jamshed and Cat Stevens. He has a distinctive vocal style based on the coalescing of classical as well as modern contemporary music trends that he keeps so well juxtaposed in each other. He performed in a number of concerts this year. Among them, one of his worth-mentioning performances was with 'Strings' Band at a concert in Peshawar that was organized by PIA to help the flood victims of KPK Province. In addition to his songs, 'Khumaar', 'Lambay' and 'Khudaaya', khan also has to his credit five other soundtracks that include 'Janan', 'Rabba', 'Khwaab', 'Stargay' and 'Meena'. His first official video 'Lambay' is releasing by the end of this month.

Khan is a simplicity personified. He is humble, down-to-earth and lives a mundane life. The reason I created ample awareness to intimate the readers of this multi-talented polymath is that chances are we might find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I hereby pres ent to you the pride of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Province, Rahim khan!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Veronica decides to die again! - The Voice of Youth!

Veronica decides to die again!

By Hamza Coelho

This is Hamza Asad who’s on hiatus from Facebook
With a ponytail, pins in hair and a new artistic look!
Three point five by ten raise to the power
Seven seconds ago…
I realized, Its not a team work, It’s a one man show =C
Of a damn status-conscious, below average mediocre
Who believes in the fact that he’ll die or he’ll conquer!
So lately I’ve been thinking I’m fully on the line
I often listen to Bryan Adam’s summer of ’69I wasn’t even a sperm during the best days of his life =/
Hey check this out, this one’s for all the honey coated knives
People are so cunning and a lot more wittierWhen I look at some pretty girl, I wanna look prettier. C=
That evening I was walking with my two year old dalmatian
Yeah seriously, believe me, I just had no fascination
When a beautiful lady stopped her car near me
So she could talk..
She asked for a picture.
Wait! That was a high voltage shock!
I was like “Bonwitaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy
said the boogie step up jump the Boogie!” =D
O My God, I felt like she was Jersey Shore’s Snooki! *Wooh!* =P
The moment next to it went like a bulb of zero wattNot me, she asked for a picture with my cute little dog. =/
Ok I’m the clown, everybody, go ahead.. laugh at me
I want to be a revolutionary… ,m/
This one’s not from a crow’s beak
I’ll impress the world like The Undertaker’s undefeated streak

One day with an impression, I’ll be back when I succeed!

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