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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Encounter with Fasi Zaka - Our Community, The voice of youth

An Encounter with Fasi Zaka

By S. Hamza Asad

He’s bold, he’s humorous, he’s sarcastic and he is one of the most distinctively acclaimed polymaths of our country, meet Fasi Zaka; the man who wears countless masks to have the portrayal of a cynosure in the media. In a nutshell, “versatile” is the word for him! Fasi Zaka talks on a one-on-one with Our Community – ‘The Voice of Youth’ and gives readers the chance to know next to more about him.

Date of Birth/Zodiac Sign…

Number of winters you have seen?

Sum-up your good self in just three words…
Procrastinator. Confused. Lazy.

Favorite punch line…
It’s something I read on Maila Times, the Pakistani satire webzine; it says “Coke Studios Mistaken for Cocaine Factory by FIA”.

Your recent crush…
Been a long time since I had one of those

What was it that helped you decide to shape your image as a polymath in the media?
I guess it is the different personas on different mediums, in writing as a serious analyst, in radio as a pythonesque anarchist with an obsession with the absurd and on TV as a mix of the two.

Five things you can’t live without…
Internet, books, dvd’s, video games and cats

Keeping in mind the current socio-political environment of the county, how do you think Pakistan can develop?
The solutions have never been terribly complex; at their essence they are quite basic and remain fairly constant as a need over our history. The first is full access to basic education, and the second is the elimination of corruption. Everyone seems to be fixated on everything under the sun except for these two issues.

What was the most horrifying trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
When I fell asleep on a plane trip to Sri Lanka and woke up to find out that I had landed in India. I was terrified I had gotten on the wrong plane somehow and didn’t know how to ask without bringing attention to myself. Eventually someone told me I had a transit stop, something I never bothered to read on the ticket.

Fasi Zaka as RJ, TV Host or Columnist...

Your Favorite book/Author…
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

When the Indian political figure Jaswanth Singh wrote a book on Jinnah, as a columnist what were your feelings about it?
I think he had a bout of intellectual honesty and treated Jinnah fairly. My only issue with the whole saga in Pakistan is that people hailed Jaswant only because he agreed with them; I doubt the same people would be too thrilled if someone in this country felt honestly that we haven’t given Gandhi enough credit. The hypocrisy is telling.

Ten years from now you will be…
Suffering from High Cholesterol.

Favorite revolutionary whose shoes you want to step in… why?
There are many, but I guess these days it would be Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. What he had to say back then is still relevant today. We, as Muslims, need to get over our complex of victim-hood where we keep blaming everyone else and use it as an excuse for inaction. Living in past glory will get one nowhere; we need to recreate a revival of the Muslim intellectual tradition by becoming more open, more widely read, tolerant and integrated with the rest of the world.

Where do we see Fasi Zaka heading onwards?
Honestly, I have no idea.

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