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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter_ Inefficient Professionals! - The Frontier Post - February 2010


Inefficient Professionals!

Hamza Asad, Peshawar

On 21st January 2010, I went to the office of Chairman Board of Secondary Education Peshawar with an application given to me by my father i.e. Professor Asadullah, asking me to deposit it with the Chairman or his P.A and get signed the office copy.

Being a routine normal work, I thought it would be done in routine. However, the chairman and his staff seem to have taken oath not to do something in routine. The peon refused to allow me meet the chairman saying “It's his order not to allow students” When I went to P.A of the Chairman, he refused to accept the application. In fact the application was for issuance of the revised certificate of SSC as allowed by the Addl Session Judge Peshawar i.e. Muhammad Iqbal Khan, dismissing the appeal of the Board against the orders of trial court.

The case is simple, I'll go to the court of the Addl Session Judge for execution and the Chairman will, willy nilly, allow the issuance of Certificate; but why this physical and mental torture? He's known as man of problems creation. He is a retired 19 grade professor called for special duty by the present Government when dozens of active serving grade 20 professors are available. His predecessor in the chair Professor Tariq Khan was a noble man who was shown red card simply because of his straight ways.

I and my parents are ardent lovers of Ghaffar Khan, Wali Khan and my father loves them to the extent of worship. He has written a book on patriotism of Ghani Khan which is being compiled. We admire them for their democratic values and noble struggle. However, when we experience people like the present Chairman appointed by the present government, I feel disgusted and don't feel like praying for their rule in the province. The P.A and Chairman refused to sign the office copy. I wonder why such a retired man with uneducated approach is the head of Education Board? I strongly believe a man of the calibre of the present Chairman and his P.A who are kicking students like football should be shown red card.

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