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Friday, May 29, 2009

Website Review - KIDIPEDE - Young World Magazine - DAWN, May 2009

Website Review

By Syed Hamza Asad


Hey kids, I know you all have a bee in your bonnet, searching for your intended material on internet. Yet many a times, most of the kids' websites either focus on history or reflects current ideas, debates and information. But do not frown, I have an Aladdin's Lamp for you. If you are browsing around for information of history, science, religion, art or any subject you enquire, simply trot towards the website www.historyforkids.org as the kidipede has put info about several subject in only one website!

The 'history' section of this website deals with the periods from 2000BC till AD2000. The facts are described so interestingly that it will whet your apatite to know more and more about your area of interest.

The world map on the interface of the website shows different continents. You can get info about food, art, people, clothing, religion, wars, architecture, economy, books and everything of any continent just by clicking its name. Moreover, this site also provides an in-depth knowledge about Greek pottery.

In short, if you have a quest related to history, this site has a lot to offer you. So kids, what are you waiting for? Go discover the world, log on to www.historyforkids.org and become a well-informed individual._Hamza Asad*

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