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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Braille Version Of Harry Potter - Young World Magazine - DAWN, April 2009

Book Review:

By Syed Hamza Asad

Braille Version Of Harry Potter

We all are aware of the fact that Harry potter series has a tremendous curiosity value among the youth and is one of the biggest sources of recreation. Harry Potter _ that enlightens you, moves you, motivates and deflates you, even shocks and surprises you and of course, entertains you _ is truly a Revolution. The undisputed queen of Potter Mania, J.K Rowling, this time comes up with a whiff of fresh air for the blind ones _ Braille version of Harry Potter.

Yeah, raise your eye brows and look for the logic, isn't it a revolution? Of course it is! At first when I actually heard about the braille version of harry potter, I was left wide-eyed. I mean, come on, everything is spoon-fed this time. The imagination that captured the gloss and grandeur of millions of minds to the minutest, is now also a feast for the eyes that can't see!

Mostly our intelligent visually handicap kids force themselves to rely on their wits to survive. But keeping the others tongue-tied, this time Harry Potter is vying for the attention of his special friends around the globe. For this, J.K Rowling truly deserves to be lauded for having ventured into this territory.

So for those, who have been missing out on the magic of Harry Potter because of their handicap, it is an excellent time to present him/her the Braille version of Harry Potter. _ S. Hamza Asad *

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