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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Degree or Knowledge? - Young World Magazine - DAWN, March 2009

A Degree or Knowledge?

My Contribution to Noman Hussain Malik's Article!!

Degree VS Knowledge!

Many people believe that getting a degree is a clear proof of having obtained knowledge. The poet of the east, Dr Muhammad Iqbal, having a degree, instilled dignity in man whereas the poet of the west, William Shakespeare, having no degree, ruled over the pulse of man! I personally feel that a degree is not the ultimate criteria of knowledge.

Jabir Bin Hayan being the father of chemistry is a role model for chemists of the world, despite the fact that he had no degree. Similarly, many Poets and philosophers from this side of the world had no degrees yet they attained worldwide recognition. However, a degree cannot be discarded as a whole. It is In pursuit of a degree that knowledge is perused. Therefore it can also prove to be a good measure of knowledge. But than again, there are many cases where incompetent people are earning masters and even PhD degrees despite poor performances, on the basis of 'Capital Investment into their education' _ Hamza Asad *