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Friday, November 30, 2007

Solitude - US Magazine, The News International


By: Syed Hamza Asad

When the stars would disappear

For all the lovers in the town

My heart would cease to beat

To see the bliss all around

My despairing love will kick the grave,

In which I have willingly slept.

My grave would disperse on the land,

My soul would scatter in the sand,

What would be worse than that?

I was a lover of one I never had

So I let my soul then rest in pieces -

And let the devils eat me up!

A love for a Love has given me birth,

A cry for a Cry has given me death.

I am a leaf fallen from a tree,

I am an ocean full of blood

I am a bird shot by a hunter,

And I am a cloud melting too fast

In my solitude...