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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fatima Bhutto wrote to me on Wed, Oct 24, 2007

From Fatima Bhutto

Dear Mr. Asad,

Thank you for your email and support. Pakistan has indeed been
highjacked by corrupt and ineffectual politicians and they are leading
our country into a fresh grave. We, young men and women of Pakistan,
citizens, writers, activists, are speaking out, protesting, but we
need more voices, more support from our fellow Pakistanis. We are
working to bring power back to the rightful rulers of this country -
the people. I hope you will join our struggle to empower the people -
and as a writer you certainly seem to be heading in the right
direction! Thank you for sending me the story, keep believing in Che
and keep writing.

In solidarity,

Fatima Bhutto