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Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Speech on "Bloodlines" in Kabir Medical College - Peshawar, Pakistan

My Speech on "BLOODLINES" in Kabir Medical College, Peshawar - Pakistan during Literary Week - Feb '13. It's a pretty noisy and irregular video; thanks to these two frog faces and our expert hooters :D Enjoy the Pink Floyd Background Score ;) Cheers!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Stood 3rd Position During Literary Week At Kabir Medical College, Gandhara University - Peshawar, My Short Movie: THE PESSIMIST - Based on Sleep Paralysis.


Stood 2nd Position During Literary Week '13 at Kabir Medical College, Gandhara University - Peshawar. My Short Movie - DELUSION Starring My Group Friends Afnan, Noman, Ismail & Taimur and I Myself from - THE LOLLIPOP GROUP!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sheharyar Latif — a symbol of innocence

Peshawar: Strange are the ways of God. God created man and man discovered the killing power of rock and bone. From greed, lust, betrayal and blasphemy to simple, psychotic rage, blood has been spilled since the dawn of human kind in the name of everything. Not bewaring the ides of March, such is the story of Sheharyar Latif, an innocent young BBA student, whose body was found dumped in a canal near my house on March 20.

Sheharyar belonged to the Peshawar Street Racing and modified cars club and owned a Blue-colored Mark-X car that became the reason for his death. Curious to know more about the case, I found on the internet that it was, allegedly, none other than one of his very own friends who shot him. Later, I read a column in a local Urdu newspaper that gave a detailed account of the suspect’s statements to the Police after getting caught from which it sounded as if he had become jealous of Sheharyar’s wealth. The suspect’s own family had lost substantial money in business and was forced to move into a rental home. He wanted Sheharyar to sell his car and use the money to help his family financially. Pondering unhappily, I thought to myself: what has this world come to when we can’t even trust our friends, who might kill us for material gains?

Hopefully, justice will be served and just like any other case similar to this one, time will heal this wound. Soon, we will move on and everything will be forgotten as if nothing ever really happened. This is a harsh reality of life in Pakistan where justice is difficult to come by.

Sheharyar was not my relative, my friend or even a friend’s friend. We had never met before. But the fact that a fellow citizen -- or just a random person that could have easily been me -- was a subject to such an atrocious crime horrifies me to death. May all the Sheharyars and Shahzebs of Pakistan earn the justice they deserve.

Hamza Asad

Published in The Express Tribune, April 6th, 2013

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cyber Secure Pakistan Conference (CSP '12)... With Love from F.I.A!

......With Love from Federal Investigation Agency!

By Hamza Asad

On may 19, 2012 at Islamabad Marriott Hotel, the "Cyber Secure Pakistan Conference" event was held where mostly Islamabad-based Elite Class Industrialists and some Loud-Mouthed Internet Darlings along with a couple of B-grade Foreigners had gathered to keep the Hype well-sustained; three highly competitive personalities like Engr. Salman Latif, a UET Taxila graduate, Engr. Hasan Raza, Co-Founder of Revolution Flame (keeping in mind the other half too) and Engr. Ali Suleman who happens to be the main organiser of this conference in terms of Media Partnership (Not to forget the Ultra-Spectra garbage here as well) and editor in chief of world's first Roman-Urdu Newspaper called "Shashca" got to learn three things primarily.

1. There are four thousand toxins per single puff of a cigarette.
2. Tea has Nicotinic Acid in it.
3. There is 78% nitrogen in the Air.

Keeping the above three postulates in mind, the interpretation of Je T'aime Pour Touujours and the Un-Authenticized Personal Secretariasm to the director general led to certain circumstances where the Term CM not only stood for Cookie-Monster but also for Chick-Magnet and Country-Music (Burn-the-reel-yeeaaaaahhhhh). So of all the bliss surrounded on behalf of Kabir-Medical-Collage, I was patrolling a Pachinko, nude noodle model parlor, in the nefarious zone. Hanging out with insects, under-ducting while The "F.I.A" was on the phone ;) Well... Such is life.